Ok, I got to watch A Single Man yesterday and let’s just say I was moved (yeah, moved to contemplate suicide). I was moved by the cinematography. Oh, it was so cool- the colour changing from pale to bright! It was just like the making of a well-cut suit or a classy car (the merc was sexy!) All the time I was watching it, I was so aware that the movie was made by a (fashion/clothes) designer.

I loved the clothes on Colin Firth but felt they were more suited for a model type figure.

When it comes to movies that take on homosexuality asĀ  a topic and not as some comic relief or a side-kick (yeah, this sentence just rocks doesn’t it?!), well, I just think that there are gay actors in Hollywood so why do heteros get to play gays a lot?

Not like they don’t do a good job of it. I think Sean Penn and James Franco were as real as real gets and of course Brokeback Mountain. But sometimes some of these actors can’t help but be awkward in their roles- like they don’t want the audience getting ideas about them. I think Colin Firth, Oscar nomination or not was a bit reticent playing a gay guy. No one is asking you to go all queen but for heck sake, you agreed to play the role. Play it well. Play it like Sean Penn or Antonio Banderas par exemple.

Yeah, we all know you really don’t swing that way. We won’t think less (or more) of you if you put your heart into. No one is asking you to do porn, after all.

By the way, Antonio gets to do this a lot, notably for Almadovar. He should actually give lessons on how one can play gay and still be as straight as they come.