At the end of almost every romcom, especially the most cheesy ones, you’ll find the hero or heroine doing a 100m dash, catching a taxi, commandeering a car or hopping on a plane or train all in a bid to find his or her love interest and relate how silly he or she has been. And then they kiss, music plays and all is suddenly right with the world.

What I have never understood is the dash. Why do they always have to run to their love? Does this happen in real life? For those of you who have ever been in love and made mistakes, when you realized your mistake did you take to your heels towards the one you love? And if you did this, was it before or after you had watched a cheesy movie like, let’s say, Bridget Jones: The edge of reason or Notting Hill? Confess, now.

There was one period when I was on a romcom binge and after watching everyone from Will Smith (Hitch) to Kirsten Dunst (Spider Man) and not forgetting Tom Cruise (Jerry Maguire), I really started to question this Hollywood tradition and of course,, lost my appetite for the genre- for a short while (very short while).

Why race? Suddenly, love is urgent?

You see, this is the problem with movies and real life. You try dashing back to your love like that! You just might run into a wall and there’s your ending for you. Kiss and make up? The guy or girl might have moved on or suddenly decided you were never the one.

And another thing, by the time you have run all the way across a city to say your I love yous, the only thing you’ld really want to do is crash into a chair and catch your breath. Not stand not-at-all out of breath at the door and beg to be given a chance to prove how well you can keep a secret or live under unimaginable conditions. Like how would you want to be in love with a Super Hero and not let everyone know about it?

If you go to the bank and the teller is messing with you , all have to say is, “Just you wait till my boyfriend Spidey hears about this” and quick service is yours for the taking.

Some bit of reality, people!!!

Oh well, if movies were realistic in anyway they wouldn’t be a form of escape from reality now or would they?

Some where in the video below is my most favorite running scene. Enjoy the song…

And here’s another of my favorite “run to your love” movie: The Mirror Has Two Faces. Oh, Jeff Bridges…