I remember last year or was it two years ago, I was talking to my prof and I told him that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. His reply, “Keep studying until you find out.” The problem: I was yet to complete payment on my current tuition and I did not even know where I was going to get the rest of the money from. Anyway, I figured out that you don’t have to study a lot before you make tons of money- check out Bill Gates! All I wanted was to make tons of money doing what I love. The main problem: I don’t know what I want or what I even love for that matter.

The only person I am sure I love is my mother. And the only person (or thing) I believe in is God. I don’t even believe in myself. I believe that God exists and I believe in his love and faithfulness which is actually a good start if I say so myself.

If I have ever truly wanted anything, it is to be a writer but sometimes I doubt the strength with which I believe in this. Sometimes the thought of sitting in front of a computer and typing out a story fills me with so much panic that I look for some sort of distraction. Which brings me to what I am really good at.

I am good at getting distracted. I find my distraction in movies, books and songs. So this blog is really about what I am good at in the hope that it would help me discover what I love before I turn thirty- which is next year by the way.

This is my therapy, my discovery project. Welcome.