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Gay ‘n Movie

Ok, I got to watch A Single Man yesterday and let’s just say I was moved (yeah, moved to contemplate suicide). I was moved by the cinematography. Oh, it was so cool- the colour changing from pale to bright! It was just like the making of a well-cut suit or a classy car (the merc was sexy!) All the time I was watching it, I was so aware that the movie was made by a (fashion/clothes) designer.

I loved the clothes on Colin Firth but felt they were more suited for a model type figure.

When it comes to movies that take on homosexuality as  a topic and not as some comic relief or a side-kick (yeah, this sentence just rocks doesn’t it?!), well, I just think that there are gay actors in Hollywood so why do heteros get to play gays a lot?

Not like they don’t do a good job of it. I think Sean Penn and James Franco were as real as real gets and of course Brokeback Mountain. But sometimes some of these actors can’t help but be awkward in their roles- like they don’t want the audience getting ideas about them. I think Colin Firth, Oscar nomination or not was a bit reticent playing a gay guy. No one is asking you to go all queen but for heck sake, you agreed to play the role. Play it well. Play it like Sean Penn or Antonio Banderas par exemple.

Yeah, we all know you really don’t swing that way. We won’t think less (or more) of you if you put your heart into. No one is asking you to do porn, after all.

By the way, Antonio gets to do this a lot, notably for Almadovar. He should actually give lessons on how one can play gay and still be as straight as they come.


Running at the end of movies: Why do they do that?!!!

At the end of almost every romcom, especially the most cheesy ones, you’ll find the hero or heroine doing a 100m dash, catching a taxi, commandeering a car or hopping on a plane or train all in a bid to find his or her love interest and relate how silly he or she has been. And then they kiss, music plays and all is suddenly right with the world.

What I have never understood is the dash. Why do they always have to run to their love? Does this happen in real life? For those of you who have ever been in love and made mistakes, when you realized your mistake did you take to your heels towards the one you love? And if you did this, was it before or after you had watched a cheesy movie like, let’s say, Bridget Jones: The edge of reason or Notting Hill? Confess, now.

There was one period when I was on a romcom binge and after watching everyone from Will Smith (Hitch) to Kirsten Dunst (Spider Man) and not forgetting Tom Cruise (Jerry Maguire), I really started to question this Hollywood tradition and of course,, lost my appetite for the genre- for a short while (very short while).

Why race? Suddenly, love is urgent?

You see, this is the problem with movies and real life. You try dashing back to your love like that! You just might run into a wall and there’s your ending for you. Kiss and make up? The guy or girl might have moved on or suddenly decided you were never the one.

And another thing, by the time you have run all the way across a city to say your I love yous, the only thing you’ld really want to do is crash into a chair and catch your breath. Not stand not-at-all out of breath at the door and beg to be given a chance to prove how well you can keep a secret or live under unimaginable conditions. Like how would you want to be in love with a Super Hero and not let everyone know about it?

If you go to the bank and the teller is messing with you , all have to say is, “Just you wait till my boyfriend Spidey hears about this” and quick service is yours for the taking.

Some bit of reality, people!!!

Oh well, if movies were realistic in anyway they wouldn’t be a form of escape from reality now or would they?

Some where in the video below is my most favorite running scene. Enjoy the song…

And here’s another of my favorite “run to your love” movie: The Mirror Has Two Faces. Oh, Jeff Bridges…

“Up in the air” is a sad movie

Seriously, I do not know where I got the idea that since George Clooney was in it, it would be funny. No, it was funny in some parts especially some of the parts in which  Anna Kendrick featured.

So, it was all going predictably well and then suddenly, the twist in the tale: he didn’t get the girl or woman! Not only that, he ends up lonely.

That was so shitty for him. I mean, he started out lonely, he knew he was lonely but he liked being lonely. It was loneliness by choice. Then he allows this overly ambitious and idealistic girl to get to him. She implies that his life is empty and he is shallow and selfish. Then he admits it and decides to be more giving. The bad part is that he met Vera Fermiga’s character when he was a lonely or a loner son of a bitch and she liked him just that way. She chose him because he was that way, a fact he only realises after he had fallen for her and decides to give up his lonely life.

She calls him a parentheses for cheese sake. I mean, if this were a horror movie, he should have gone back to wring her neck. What da …!!!

And then when she left, she leaves him lonelier than he ever was to begin with. And she leaves him with a longing, a longing for things he ran away from, things that he trained himself not to long for. She leaves him an open wound that might never heal.

He was better off alone. Now because of this two women – one naively idealistic and the other a plain bitch!- he is going to spend the rest of his life searching for something he doesn’t need!

Mess! Putrefaction! Lawd Gawd! I felt like killing the movie at the end! I felt the same way my brother felt after watching Titanic for the first and only time.

I mean, this is personal!

Flashback 2003.

I was sitting down one day, minding my own business, when this guy happens along. Before that day, I was convinced that I did not believe in love. And this was as a result of all the M&B (Mills and Boon) that I had read in my lifetime before that day. Even though I had started reading romance novels as a nine year-old kid by 22 I knew enough about love to have decided that it was plain fantasy.

I was so cynical about love to believe that there was nothing called true love and I had decided that love came only after marriage. After you had married someone you like. You fell in love after being forced to remain in the same space for sometime.

Then this dude came along .  Seemingly shocked to find me so cynical. He started to preach romantic love to me and then I became a believer and he turned out an asshole! And to this day I am still searching for those feelings he exposed me to. He is gone and many have come and gone after him (not THAT many, one or two or three of four) and none have been able to give me what I now search for a d I may be doomed to keep searching for for the rest of my life.

Which goes to show me that I was far far better off when I didn’t believe in love, when it was just me and my cynical views.

Which is why I feel like murdering Up in the air for reminding me of my situation and those two bitches who turned Ryan Bingham turn a dried up empty shell. Before he met them he was just an empty shell, a shell with purpose. Now he was a purposeless dried up empty shell, doomed to be carried along by cruel winds for the rest of his life!

Oh well…

I did love movie. I watched it twice, in quick succession. And the music that was played during the wedding scene… I kept going back so I could memorise it. Found it on youtube. Enjoy!